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The Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly changing our behavior toward online channels, and the shifts are likely to stick post-pandemic. While many companies are challenged to survive in the short-term, the crisis also presents opportunity; bold companies that invest ambitiously and timely in their online business are likely to emerge as market leaders. So for business leaders to act on now to successfully transition your business to the new e-commerce reality are critical more than ever.
MindBank Group proudly inform you that today we got comprehensive cooperation with VGS Company to provide non-stop Software development service using Magento and Shopify to our end user for transform their business from Offline to Online.
In additional, with nearly 20 years of experiences in Start-up and operating organization, we will provide business consulting service to VGS also.
Hopefully, this event will open up a new prospect of cooperation between two companies. We wish the friendship between VGS and MindBank Group (MBG) to be closer and better together.

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